The Protectorate

A Sticky Situation

Hogs to Dogs

You all found yourself caged in a dark damp prison cell centered in a squarish room. In the corner of the room was a dimly lit staircase. You noticed the somewhat more fresh corpse of a young elf among you within the cell. Upon investigation of the elf, you notice a dark inky spread throughout his body emanating from his chest. His face marked by bold dark streaks eminanting from his eyes down his cheaks. You all don’t remember why or how you got there. A large circle encompassed the jail cell, scattered within the circle you noticed arcane runes and melted candle wax.

Leaving the cellar, the party fought 2 Zombie Hogs. Ballista was held down and bloodied by one of them as the rest of the party dealt with the remaining pig.

After unintentionally burning the building down, the party ransacked the already rather ransacked town. Ballista found 5 gold, Camille found city documents with the name of the town, Gundrim, Dark Messiaho collected a sack of corn and a small hatchet as did Gaulstaff, and Father Dave found that the young elven boy was adopted via an oil painting. Everyone found a notice on the doors of every building.

“NOTICE TO ALL RESIDENCE : All residents must report to the relocation camp to the north. Failure to do so will result in endangerment to you and your families. – The Protectorate”

Informed, the adventurers decided to travel north to the relocation camp to find the reason for their unexplained imprisonment. To the north, about a days travel was a dense forest, and they decided to camp at the forest edge and just as the first watch had put the rest of the party asleep they were attacked by a pack of shadow wolves. Father Dave, Reboot, and Camille were all mortally wounded but rescued by the rest of the party.



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