The Protectorate

A Rock and a Sad Place

The group travels to the refuge camp

Finally rested after a spirited battle with the local forest creatures (wolves), the adventurers find a traveled path to follow as they head through the forest. Along the way they discover an ambushed cart hailing from Gundrim containing various items including a Holy Healer’s Staff +1, 2 Healing potions, Silverware, and a town ledger. Rifling through the abandoned cart the adventurers are themselves ambushed, a large rock hits Gaulstaff knocking him to the edge of the forest. Three Ogres emerge from the forest and battle the group with large clubs.

After vanquishing the Ogre onslaught, the adventurers continue traveling the forest path as the forest itself starts to thin. The terrain becomes grassland and hill. As they travel over a hill they see a sizable encampment of ramshackle housing and tents.

Half the party decides to go into the encampment and investigate. They are approached by two guards and told to register in the green tent. The investigating party decides to regroup and go register. Some of the party is apprehensive but eventually all agree to sign the ledger of the older woman in the green tent. Ballista Flockheart, the minotaur, starts demanding materials to build shelter from the poor old woman, not understanding how refugee camps work. She runs off in terror, and Ballista pursues continuing like nothings wrong as the guards are alerted. The minotaur decides to cool it down and goes with the guards willingly as they tie his hands. Fr. Dave finds the record keeper and decidedly starts flirting with her and after some apprehension based on his profession she agrees to go on a “stroll” around the encampment with him. Gaulstaff decides to lend the refugees a hand and construct housing for them and himself. Feeling overly confident, Dark Messiaho heads to the center of town where he believes the minotaur to be held in hopes of bribing the guards for his return. He continues to bribe his way into a mining operation where he finally finds himself in the company of a frightening fellow that calls himself Onzo (no really he talks in the 3rd person). Dark attempts to bargain with the unknown leader to no avail, and ultimately threatens him to a duel. Laughing maniacally, he turns. As he sees his frightening visage, he becomes unconscious, helpless to assist the minotaur, who himself is unconscious, tied up in the corner. Fr. Dave uses his new found companion to gain access to the chambers of the leader of the encampment, to which he promptly finds himself in a very similar situation to that of Dark. Finally,Camille d’LaRouche having entertained a majority of the camps guards with acrobatic tricks and knife juggling, decides to have them lead her to the center of town to the mining operation. She decides to disguise herself as a man and join the mining crew where she finds a few of her fellow adventurers mining. Soon they find the whole operation to be rather fishy and devise a plan to gain access to the observation deck. Winging it, Camille questionably enters the room, again to find herself in a similar situation to many of her companions, unconscious and tied up.

With very few of the party left, the next day the remainders decide to bust into what seems to be where all the rest of the party is being held. They are quickly escorted into the chamber that holds Onzo and he greets them as the rest of the party that is tied up wakes up from their prolonged sleep.

“Ah just in time to witness our amazing find!” “And by whom do I owe the pleasure of such rude houseguests this evening?” “ONZO very much would like to know the names of those who will fall at ONZO’s feet on this day of ONZO’s greatest achievement.” “Prepare to die, meddlers”

The adventurers fight valiantly but halfway through the fight the the cavern in the backdrop flashes the room in white light for a moment.

“We’ve found it! Prepare for the greatest achievement.”


For The Record, Ballista Wanted Loot, Not Supplies To Build Stuff. I Just Wanted To Know If They Had An Area Where Things Were Kept…

A Rock and a Sad Place

That’s almost worse. Demanding riches from a refugee camp, now that’s just ignorant. :)

A Rock and a Sad Place

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